This article explains how to create a product and post it to Twitter.

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How to Create a Link and Add it to Twitter

How to Add a Tweet Button to Your Product Pages

How to Create a Link and Add it to Twitter.

Note: URL Shorteners can track clicks as well as shorten the character count on URLs.

What makes Twitter Twitter is its character limit. Because of this, it is always best to use a URL Shortener, like We'll get to how to use this service in a moment.

Before posting your products to Twitter, first things first; we must add some products. If you haven't done this yet, this article will show you exactly how to do this: Adding a Product.

After you create a product, the easiest way to get to the product it to click the link at the top of the admin page, View on Storefront.

After clicking this link, your live product page will open up in a new tab. Highlight the URL in the address bar and either right-click and choose Copy or type Ctrl + C.

Next up, go to or In the open field on this screen, where it says Paste a link to shorten it, click in the field, and either right-click and Paste or type Ctrl + V.

The URL you pasted in will immediately be shortened into a URL. This URL is now ready for Twitter.

Click the Copy button to copy the new URL. Now, head on over to Twitter.

Paste your copied URL into the Twitter What's happening? box, type out a message and click Tweet.

Your product is now posted to Twitter.

In, you can also create an account to get more options with your link, such as customizing your link title and URL. You can also upgrade to allow for more links per month or to brand your URLs.

There's also some additional tools out there that can help with bulk creation of links. Check out which explains how to do this using a Google Doc and the API.

How to Add a Tweet Button to Your Product Pages.

You can also add a Twitter Tweet button to your product pages. In the admin area of your cart, go to Marketing > Social Sharing. Toggle on Enable Tweet button and click Save at the top right. A Tweet button will now show up on your product pages. If your users click on it, a Twitter Tweet box will open up where you can modify the content if you'd like.

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