If you decide to charge tax for your state-side customers on your site, this article can walk you through how to set it up.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.x Series

Enabling Taxes

        1. Navigate to the Dashboard of your cart. Path to this area is <your Domain Name>/login.php 

            Example: pinnaclecart.com/login.php

        2. Go to Settings > Payment & taxes > Taxes from the left side menu.
taxes settings

        3. Select Add Tax Rate button. Click Save once all information has been entered.add tax rate button

Tax Rate Details

  • Title: The name you would like to identify the new Tax Rate with. 
  • Tax Class: This allows you to select from current Tax Classes you have built (Instructions below). 
  • Country: This allows you to determine which country the Tax Rate is applied to. All Countries is the default setting. 
  • Tax Rate,%: Set this to the Tax Percentage you intend to use.
    add tax rate

        4. Select Manage Tax Classes. manage tax classes button

        5. Click Add Tax Class button. add tax class button
Title: This is the presented name of the Tax Class you are creating which will be available to choose from the Edit Product page under Advanced Settings.
Key / ID: This is the unique identifier for your Tax Class used by the back end for tracking purposes. 

add tax class

        6. Once you're done, don't forget to hit Save. 

Advanced Settings

This area allows you to set up default tax settings for products without specific tax settings. Select Advanced Settings.

advanced settings button

Apply Tax to Orders By: This allows you to predetermine how taxes are applied. Options include: Order Shipping Address, or Billing Address if there is no Shipping, Order Billing Address, or Default Tax Country/State (which is determined by the following settings below).

apply tax to orders by
Default Tax Country: This allows you to set the default Country where taxes are based from.
Default Tax State/Province: This allows you to set the default State/Province where taxes are based from.
Enable Tax Exemptions: This allows you to Enable Tax Exemptions.

tax advanced settings

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