Canada Post is one of the Real-Time Shipping options we offer within PinnacleCart. It communicates with your Canada Post account to pull in shipping rates for where you're delivering.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 R1 - Current

In this article, you will learn

Setting up your Canada Post Account

Adding Canada Post into PinnacleCart

Note: Before setting up any Real-time Shipping Method, you will need to add weight to your products and setup an Origin Address. Learn how to add weight at Adding a Product and adding an origin address at How to Enable Shipping - Start Here.

Setting up your Canada Post Account.

If you don't already have a Canada post Accounts, you will need to create one before adding Canada Post into Pinnacle Cart. Follow the steps below:

Go to

Click Sign Up to get started here.

On the sign up page, Fill in all the information necessary and remember to save the username and password you enter as you will need this in later steps for the cart.

Make sure to agree to the License Agreement.

Select the appropriate option for you, most likely small business and click continue.


Fill out the appropriate fields for the Contact Info form. Click Continue.

Make sure once you are done filling out the form to agree to the terms and conditions again.


Once you arrive at the Confirmation page, you will get an email with your customer number.  This is all you need, so please hold on to it for the later steps for setting Canada post up in the cart


Adding FedEx into PinnacleCart.

Next step is adding Canada Post into PinnacleCart. Follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Shipping.

Click Add New Method at the top right.

Select the Country you're shipping to > Select Real-time > Select Canada Post > and select each Canada Post option you'd like to offer for shipping to the destination you've chosen.

Click Canada Post Settings.

In the Canada Post Settings pop-up, fill out the form with all of the Canada Post credentials provided to you in your confirmation email.

That's it! Now just add a product to your cart and checkout to make sure Canada Post is being quoted properly.

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