You can provide variations of your products by setting up Product Attributes. Product Attributes allow your customers to select a different size, color, shape, etc. of the product they're ordering. This will allow your cart to be more functional. 

How to Add Attributes to Your Products

To add attributes to your products, just follow these steps:

        1. Go to Products & Categories > Browse products from the left side menuClick on the edit button next to the product you wish to add your attribute to.


        2. Under Attributes & Variants, click on the add attribute button as shown below.


        3. Fill in the options as shown below.


Keep in mind: Each new selection must be entered on a new line for it to appear correctly. If the attribute is a price modifier, you need to tell the system to increase or decrease the price (+ or -) between parenthesis ( ) at the end of each attribute. You may use actual amounts or percentages. You can also modify shipping weight on an attribute by increasing or decreasing the price and separate by a comma. See the examples below:

  • Small(-25,-0.25) - Decrease price by 25, decrease weight by 0.25
  • Medium(-10%,+1) - Decrease price by 10%, increase weight by 1
  • Large(0,+2) - Price will remain the same, increase weight 2
  • X-Large(+10.00) - Increase price by 10

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