PinnacleCart doesn't have any stock chat modifications for your site,but there are plenty of third party ones out there. This will help you figure out how to insert this into your site.

Applies to Version(s): 3.7.X - 3.8.2r2

You can add third-party chat code into your site to allow your customers to chat with you.

Finding the File to Upload the Chat Code To.

You can find the file you need to make a copy of by going to the following path

[cart root] /content/skins/ContemporaryLiving this should be the template you're using)/templates/layouts/zones/

For the image below and the template I'm using, the path can be also found at content/engine/design/templates/layouts/zones (this is if you can't find the footer.html in your theme path)

Make a copy locally on your machine and save it as "footer.html".

Once you have done this, you will then need to upload the new file back to the following path:

[cart root] /content/skins/_custom/skin/templates/layouts/zones/

Inserting the Code.

Now that we have the file where it needs to be, you can now take the code that was provided to you by the company that has created the chat. 

At the bottom of the Footer.html file you will see "div" tags that look like <div> (opening) and </div> (closing), you will want to place the code in between these tags. 

For different themes you may need to add the opening div. That would be <div>. 

The following image will show you where at the bottom of the file to add the code. 

Finishing up.

Now that you have added the code, make sure to hit save in the upper right hand corner then Enter/Exit your Cart Designer to refresh the Cache, go to the front end of your site and take a look and even test it out. 

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