Doba is an amazing online drop-shipping company which can be easily integrated into PinnacleCart.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

Creating a Doba Account.

To create a Doba account, follow these steps:

Go to

If you don't have a Doba account, click the Free Trial button to set one up. If you do, click Member Login.

Once the account is created, fill out the form presented. In the 'If you have a website, what shopping cart technology are you using?' drop-down. select Pinnacle Cart. Click Save.

At the top right corner of main Doba account page, you will see the Retailer ID. You will want to copy this because it's needed to setup the Doba app in PinnacleCart.

Adding the Doba App to PinnacleCart.

Next, you will want to setup the Doba app in your PinnacleCart admin area. In your admin, go to Apps > App Center > click Doba.

Click Enable. Paste in the Doba Retailer ID you copied earlier. Enter the Doba Username and Doba Password you use to login to Doba with. Decide whether you want to use Doba Live, or in Test mode under Account Status.

Adding Products Into Your Doba Inventory.

Now it's time to get products into your Doba inventory so you can import them into PinnacleCart.

Go back into your Doba account.

On the Feed tab, select a category to view in the See drop-down. Scroll down > select the products you'd like in your inventory > go back to the top and click the 'Add to My Inventory' button.

In the Add to Inventory List pop-up, either create a new List, or select an existing one of you've already created on.

Once you're done adding and creating lists, you're ready to import the products into PinnacleCart.

You will want to double-check that PinnacleCart is allowed in your Doba Partner Authorizations. Go back to the top right corner, click the down-arrow next to your name and select My Account.

On the My Account page, scroll down to the Partner Authorizations and make sure 'Pinnacle Cart' is set as Allowed.

Now, go back into your PinnacleCart admin area to import the products.

Importing Doba Products Into PinnacleCart.

Go back to Apps > Active Apps > click on Doba. You should see the Inventory Lists you created in Doba. You can click Edit to see the products in the list. Click Import to import the products in.

You can get more specific with your Doba settings by click Advanced Settings.

Expand Sync Options.

  • Pricing Options - You can choose to Increase or Decrease price or MSRP, or keep the same price.
  • Sync when Stock Greater than - You can choose when PinnacleCart should sync based off product inventory.
  • You can decide whether to End prices with .99, Download images and Secondary Images, to Auto-update inventory, Auto-send orders, and what your Default Payment Method is.

Click Save when you're done.

And that's how you setup Doba in PinnacleCart.

Note: If you move your Doba Products to a new category that you've created, be aware that re-importing your products will push them back to their Doba generated category.

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