If you're looking for how to change out an image on your site and you're unable to do so through the Cart Designer, this article will walk you through how to do it through the File Manager.

Applies to Version(s): 3.6.X - 3.8.2r2 (or Current)

How to find the Image

Note: Preferably you will want to use FireFox. However, there are similar options in Chrome and other browsers.

The first thing you will want to do is go to the front end of your site, as if you were a customer looking at the Image or site itself.

Next you will want to right click the area on the Image, this will bring up a small menu and you will want to View Image as seen below. You can also choose to Copy image address, the paste the address into a new tab in your browser. This would be how you'd go about doing this in Chrome.


With the image URL in a new tab, you can see where it's located. Now, since you're viewing the site through the cache folder, it's important to remember to ignore this when you go to replace the image. For example, the above image shows as being in:


But, the location I would replace it in is:


There is one caveat to this. If I had already replaced the image through Cart Designer, the image I would need to replace would be found in:


Assuming you have the image you'd like to use picked out, go ahead and rename the image image-home.jpg.

How to locate in the File Manager

Note: The File manager will be the same setup no matter the version of your cart, the UI may look different but the paths are the same. Also if you would like to use FTP you can do that as well.

To get to the File Manager, click Settings > Advanced Settings > File Manager.

Navigate to the path we talked about before: /content/skins/LaThreads/images/

Click Upload File.

Choose the image from your computer and click Upload.

When it asks you if you're sure if you want to replace the file, click Confirm.

Now you just need to push the image into the cache directory. You can easily do this by going to Design > Cart Designer. After Cart Designer loads, click Exit.

That's it! You're all done. Be aware that your browser may cache the old image a bit, so you would just want to refresh a few times if it does.

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