If you're having Caching issues in the cart and need to refresh the cache there are a few ways you can do this. Clearing the cache. Clearing the cache just means emptying it, so that the next time you display a web page everything must be downloaded anew. In this article, I'll walk you through on what cache is and how to refresh it. 

Applies to Version(s): 3.7.X - 3.8.2r3 (or Current)

In this article, you will learn:

What is the Cache in my cart?

Refreshing through Cart Designer

Refreshing option in Cart Designer

Uploading a fresh Cache

What is the Cache in my cart?

There are multiple types of File Caching, but for the cart, we use Write-through Cache. A Write-through cache writes data to both the cache and storage. The advantage of this approach is that newly written data is always cached. This allows the data to be read quickly. 

The downside is that write operations are not considered to be complete until the data is written to the cache which is located at /content/cache/ in your File Manager, or the primary storage which would be your theme and located at /content/skins/yourthemename. This causes write-through caching, which introduces a slight latency to write operations. 

Refreshing through Cart Designer

Note: Building a theme through the cache is not recommended as these steps will restore the site to the default theme and remove any changes you made. 

Now that we've learned a little bit about the Cache in the PinnacleCart, we can start learning about the ways we can Refresh and Re-load the cache. 

The first way is very simple and easy to do. Go to the Admin of your cart, then navigate through Design > Cart Designer and exit to refresh your cache.

cart designer

In the above picture you would just click "Cart Designer". The picture below illustrates how to "Exit". 

exit cart designer

Refreshing option in Cart Designer

There is another option that will let you Refresh your Theme while you're working in the Cart Designer and without Exiting. This option is called Refresh Theme

refresh theme

Once you use this, the changes you have made thus far in the Cart Designer will have saved to the Cache and you'll be able to view it on the Front End of your site. 

Uploading a fresh Cache

Note: If you don't know, or is unsure of this option, you can reach out to support and we will walk you through how to achieve this option.

This last method is a bit more advanced and will require you to have the FTP credentials for your server and a fresh copy of the files for your version of the cart. 

Once you're logged into your FTP, navigate to /httpdocs/content/ if you use Plesk, and /public_html/yourcart/content/

You will now see your current Cache Folder. You won't want to delete this, only rename. So if you right-click the folder and select Rename, you can enter a new name. Typically the best name for this is cacheOLD

Now you have renamed your folder, you will want to upload a fresh Cache directory from the downloaded package. Once this is done, you will want to Enter/Exit Cart Designer and that will be a fresh cache of all your changes. 


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