If you're a business owner and really want to get your products out there, selling your products on Google will help you do this. This will put your products up on Google and give customers a chance to click on and link back to your website.


Set up a Merchant Account

Note: You will need to set up a Merchant account with Google in order to continue with the next steps. You will also have to claim your domain within Google Webmaster Tools. For a direct guide on how to set this all up in Google, check out this link.

    1. First, you need to set up a Google Merchant Account. Click the Get Started button. get started google merchant

    2. Scroll down and you will be asked to enter your business information. Make sure to key in the right information for your website, especially your Store Name as you might get errors later. 

business information

This is an example of the error you might experience if you don't fill-up your business information properly.

error on google merchant

Example 1: The example above tells me that my site hasn't been verified yet and still needs to be done.

Now you will need to click the button that is highlighted above to fix this issue which will bring you to the following screen:

verification and claiming

Example 2: This screen will provide you multiple methods on how to verify your site. You can also use this link to show you how to install the Meta Tag that will help verify your site. Below are two examples of what the file looks like when in the correct spot with the Meta Tag from Google and then being Verified in my Merchant Account


Upload your Products with a Data Feed

Your Data Feed is an integral part of this. It is all the information about what you're selling, like product brand, pricing, availability, and even store locations if they want to pick it up in person.

Log into your Google Merchants Account and click Feeds and then click Data Feeds as shown below.

Now chose either from an Excel CSV (Product Export) which you export from the cart, or you can create one using Google Docs

Create a shopping campaign in Adwords

For this you will need a Merchant Center Account and an Adwords Account. Adwords is where you will manage your campaign and budget. You will need to link both accounts, so if you already have an Adwords account you can log into your Merchant Center, go to settings and click Adwords. From here you can even create a new Adwords account.

Adwords will allow you to set what you want to spend per add/click and what your budget is per day. These can always be adjusted in the settings for Adwords, so if you're getting too much traffic or too little, you can make proper adjustments that will fit your business needs. 

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