If you are using the GoDaddy name servers (DNS), you can change the DNS settings (DNS zones, DNS records) such as the A record. The A record is the DNS record that holds which IP address the domain should point to. This is the record you need to change so it points to PinnacleCart servers so your domain name than points to your store.

Applies to Version(s): All versions

Note: Contact support to get your IP address for your store if you do not already have this.

In this article you will learn

How to edit your A Records at GoDaddy

Getting started

Log into your GoDaddy Account http://godaddy.com/, and enter your username or customer # and password, and click Log In.

 Hover Over Domains and Select Domain Management

 Find Your Domain, and Click the Launch Button

 Scroll Down to DNS Manager and Click Launch

In the A (Host) box, find the row with the @ symbol, and to the right of it mouse-over the cell under the Points to column heading. Click the pencil icon, then enter (the ip given to you by support) and click Save Zone File, as shown below.


 Once you have finished these settings, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be seen across the internet, so please be patient.

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If you didn't get your question answered, please contact the Pinnacle Cart Support Team. To submit a ticket, go to the My Account drop-down menu at the top right of the admin area and select Support