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A Widget can help add a logo for a company that you're partnered with or if you're looking to add a logo to show that your site is secure for your customers. They can be helpful in providing a gateway to your blog. 

Note: Adding a blog in a Widget will come at a later date

How to create a Widget:

You will first want to log into your cart, and then find Design on the left hand side of your admin, once there you will then click Cart Designer


Once you have entered your Cart Designer, you will now want to find Widgets at the bottom of your screen and then select "Create New Widget".




There are a few ways to build out your Widget, you can copy pre-existing HTML to this box or you can create your own. For this example we're going to copy pre-existing HTML to the box so we can see what it looks like:


Note: If you notice I've highlighted certain areas here to point out the importance of the naming of your Widget, it must be unique within widgets, meaning the name cannot be one that has already been used. 


 If you notice how I've highlighted the code showing you exactly what I've entered here and how it's just very basic HTML that I've found online to use as an example. 

So now you will hit the Create button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen once you have added your HTML to your Widget box. 

Your Widget won't appear in your cart right away, you must drag and drop to where you would like the Widget to appear. 

 Now we see the Widget the bottom bar we can drag and drop where we would like to see this. 

And here is what our Widget looks like when added to the site:

Tools for using HTML in the Widget:

 The Internet has a variety of outlets where you can get HTML development tools for free, I tend to use Google  to get a lot of the answers I need. One of the Free HTML tools I use you can view here.

Here is a list of 10 of the top tools developers use. 

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