There are a few different ways to hide prices in PinnacleCart. You can prevent visitors from seeing the price and force them to create a login to view it. You can also set products to have a Call for Price option. Learn how below.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.x  Series

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated Time for Completion: 3 minutes

How to Force Login to View Price

In the admin area, click Settings > Store Settings > Checkout Settings

Check the box that says "Require customer login to view price" then click Save at the bottom.

require customer login

How to Enable Call for Price

You can also hide the price from everyone by enabling Call for Price on individual products. Keep in mind that when enabling this option, the product cannot be added to the cart at all, so it must be purchased over the phone or in-store. You can disable this option temporarily to allow people to checkout with it on your store.

  • In the admin area, click Products & Categories > Browse products then select the product you want to edit. Under Product Details, check the box that says "Call for Price" then click Save. 

call for price

  • If you want to turn on the Call for price functionality but have it say something else, you can change the texts in the Languages section. Go to Settings > International setting > Languages then edit English. Under Products, find the Call for price box. 

edit call for price text

  • Change the text and click Save.

call for price text

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