Favicons (Favorites Icon), are small iconic images that represent your website. They are often found in the address bar of your web browser, but they can also be used in lists of bookmarks in web browsers and feed aggregators or at desktops to distinguish computer programs and files.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.x  Series

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated time for Completion: 5 minutes 

In this article, you will learn:

Creating Your Own Favicon

Uploading and Applying the Favicon

Creating Your Own Favicon

If your site doesn’t have a favicon yet, you will need to create one. For experienced users, you can create one using a decent graphics editing program of your choice, just make sure to keep it 16X16 pixels and name it properly. For inexperienced users, we suggest you use these sites: Genfavicon or Favicon.cc 

Uploading the Favicon to your Site

Before you can upload the favicon to your site, you will need to create a blank HTML file first. Using the notepad on your computer, copy this code: <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”{$url_base}favicon.ico” /> Then save the file name as element-custom-head.html. 

After you save the HTML file, follow these steps to upload it on your site. 

  1. In your PinnacleCart admin, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > File Manager
  2. Navigate to [cart root] > content > engine > design-work > templates > wrappers > elements. Then upload the HTML file that you created. If this path does not exist, you have to create it using FTP or your hosting account’s control panel. 

folder path

    3. Go to Marketing >SEO Settings > then click the Generate .htaccess button found at the upper right of the page. 

generate .htaccess


    4. Go to Front-End > Manage Themes > click Edit Theme to go to Cart Designer page.  

edit theme

    5. Once the Designer has loaded, simply click the Exit Designer button found at the bottom left corner. 

exit designer


    6. Refresh your page, clear your cache and cookies, and notice your new favicon now shows up.

Once you have done all the steps above, go to your Home Page or any page on your site and do a hard refresh by pressing the following keys at the same time: CTRL+F5. Here's a sample of what it would look like:


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