Applies to Version(s): 3.9.x  Series

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated time for Completion: 5 minutes 


The Bestsellers widget allows you to automatically display those products that have been most frequently purchased from your site.

How to Enable Bestsellers

  1. Log into your control panel and go to Products & Categories > Bestsellers settings
  2. Click "Enable bestsellers" then adjust the settings. 
  • Bestsellers Max Display – set how many products to display in the bestsellers box
  • Bestsellers Period – adjust this setting to tell the cart how far back in orders it should go to calculate your best selling products.

      3. Then hit the Save button.


How to Enable Customers Also Bought

  1. Log in to your control panel and go to Products & Categories > Bestsellers settings. 
  2. Click "Enable customers also bought" then adjust the settings. 
  3. Set the maximum display of the products. 
  4. Click Save when done. 

bestsellers settings

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