Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 - Current

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated Time for Completion: 7 minutes 


Before you can add First Data Payeeze to your payment methods, you will need to create an account. Sign up for an account here. After you signed up, you will obtain the following credentials:  

  • Exact ID / Gateway ID
  • Key ID
  • Password
  • Hmac Key

You will need those credentials in setting up First Data Payeeze in your cart.


Setting Up First Data Payeeze

  1. Log into your cart, and navigate to the following Settings > Payments & Taxes
  2. Click Add Payment Method and select First Data Payeeze Gateway from the drop-down. 
  3. Input the following credentials that you obtained during signup then click Activate. 


Now that your gateway is setup, we can review some of the options that are under the Edit portion of this payment gateway. You can configure these settings according to your preference. 

Under Account Settings, you will see all the information that you were requested to add earlier. 

Presentation Settings: This is how you want to present this to your customers on checkout, so if you want it to say First Data Global you would put that into the field, or Freds Credit Card Checkout, anything you prefer:

Other Settings: This is where you would place the URL for the Payment Gateway, most gateways do require a URL to their servers for connecting between the cart and the gateway.

Supported Card Types: Here you can decided what Credit Cards you want to accept on your website, you can also require or not certain cards to have CVV2 upon entering their information.


Advanced Settings

  • Testing Request: This is so you can place test orders and test your gateway out, when you’re doing live payments you will want to make sure this is set to True and not False.
  • Auth Type

                *Auth-Capture - is the normal transaction method; a transaction is sent to the system for approval, the transaction is         approved, the merchant is notified of the approval, and the transaction automatically settles at the end of the                          business day without any further action by the merchant. 

                *Auth-Only - stands for Authorization-Only and means obtaining an authorization for a certain amount on a                         customer’s credit card without actually charging the card. If the money is not captured within 30 days, the                                transaction will expire.

  • Currency Code: This is the currency that you will have setup for capturing, so if you are in the US it will be US Dollar and if you’re in Canada it will be the Canadian Dollar, and so on.
  • Payment Profiles: This allows customers to store the credit cards for later use on the checkout page in a secure manner.
  • Enable Cardinal Centinel: Cardinal Centinel enables an ecommerce website to participate in the Verified by Visa (VbV), MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC), and JCB J/Secure payment initiative programs based on the 3-D Secure Protocol.

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