The 404 page, like any other page of your PinnacleCart site, can be edit through Cart Designer. The trick is finding it.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

Complexity Level: Medium

Estimated Time for Completion: 20 minutes

In this article you will learn

What is a 404 Page?

How to Edit or Customize the 404 Page

What is a 404 Page?

A 404 error or 404 code is a status code delivered to the browser which tells the browser that the page that the browser was trying to access doesn't exist.

How to Edit or Customize the 404 Page.

Note: Editing the 404 page requires knowledge in HTML. This page does not use a WYSIWYG Editor.

The 404 page, like any other page on your store, can be edited via the Cart Designer.

1. Click Design > Cart Designer.

2. With Cart Designer active, we need to produce a 404 page. To do this, go up to the URL in your address bar, and type a bunch of random characters at the end, like the example below:

Hit Enter on your keyboard.

3. A 404 page will load. To edit the contents, hover your mouse over the main content area, right-click and choose Edit Source Code.

4. This will open up 404.html. You can now edit the HTML to display however you'd like. After you're done, click Save, and you'll be all set.

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