PinnacleCart provides some of the best eCommerce software on the market today. We're constantly improving our software to meet the needs of our customers - that's YOU! This article will go over some of our goals and the services that will help you out! Support options such as our Professional Services team and SEO Assistance have all been designed around the needs you will have as you build and improve your website. 

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We provide services that anticipate your needs!

PinnacleCart is an eCommerce Software Company that provides topnotch service to its customers - we pride ourselves on doing so! We have a variety of tools and services that will meet your every need. We also watch and listen to our customer feedback, in an attempt to always be updating and improving our platform. Below, to give you an idea of what we can do for you, we discuss some of the available PinnacleCart programs.

Note: View available packages at There you will find services that are either flat rate or project-based (according to the amount of time and hours that would be needed to complete the project).

SEO Assistance

Note: Our SEO Assistance team will spend time with you on the phone to make sure you're getting the help you need. Get your site out there for the world to see!

Bring in our SEO Assistance team and they will go through your Website to determine what SEO tweaks need to be started. This begins with the Discovery Phase

What is the SEO discovery phase?

The first and most important step in any SEO campaign is to conduct a thorough keyword research and SEO Audit of existing internet properties. This will help define your focus and uncover missed opportunities. In the discovery phase, we will use your existing or help you build analytics accounts, PPC accounts, blogs, and more. Your website will be reviewed and your input will be taken, in order to extract and audit all of your essential keywords.

Once complete, we will begin using our internal tools to discover different levels of keywords within your niche. If you don’t currently have the necessary tracking tools to collect this ongoing data, we will install them for you (Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools). Your website will begin to perform better after we audit your website for onsite SEO opportunities and make the necessary modifications.

What do I get with the SEO discovery phase?

You will first receive a comprehensive report, including an excel document of your top keywords.  This information will be ranked according to their accurate search-volume and projected #1 rank, #2 rank, #3 rank traffic. The best keywords to target will be highlighted, based on search-intent and search volume. These are called your target keywords.

In addition to the keyword research document, you will receive and the complete results from your onsite SEO audit. And finally, we will provide an option to optimize your website for search engines.

What is included in the onsite SEO audit?

Focused on creating better, faster, more accessible, relevant web pages.

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Logical Document Structure
  • Relevance Review
  • Microformats
  • Page Speed
  • Alt Attributes
  • Title Attributes
  • Duplicate Content Analysis
  • Social Media Presence
  • Existing Rankings

This is just a taste of what you can expect from our Team. We want to help your website!

We have a team that does ongoing work for your site, regarding your SEO.
SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it project

Checkout our SEO page!

Professional Services

You describe it, we build it!

Note: If you're looking to have professional work done, you will want to speak with our Experienced Sales Team to get a quote started.

Not all businesses are the same and we fully understand the need to customize your eCommerce platform.  From custom reports to fully customized integrations to your managing your business partners, our Professional Services team has the experience to get you the features you need.  Cut manpower costs by automating that fulfilment process.  Set up that custom order process to increase sales. If you can describe it, we can build it.

If you're looking for something, or thought of something you would like to see on your website, this team can do it for you! If a feature doesn't exist in your cart and you would like to see it, they'll make it happen. 

Our Professional Services team works with in-house developers and designers to plan and execute your custom projects.  The entire development process is handled and coordinated by our experienced project managers so we can ensure you get exactly what you need from design to deployment.

Speak to one of our Sales Reps today to discuss your project and customization need. You will attain your strategic business goals with our Professional Services team backing you up!

Some pages you may want to take a look at:

Support Team

Note: Our support team is standing by, 7 days a week and everyday throughout the year (with exception of Christmas Day). Good news is we're located in Phoenix, Arizona and don't even have snow days!

Our Support team is a first rate group that is there to help you when you have a question or your site is in trouble. Whether you need direct Phone Support, or are too busy and just want to submit an Email request to get your help, we'll be there. 

Think your issues are out-of-control? No worries! We're able to help figure out problems with your Payment Gateways, Shipping, Orders, the functionality of the Cart Designer, and more. We can even help you out with some basic coding issues that might be happening. We're willing to share screens and walk you through any eCommerce problem you may be having.

If you have lots of questions and would like to set aside some time for a training call, we offer 1 hour free for every new customer of training. So we can go through the cart with you and show you how to work on spots that you may be stuck on. These training sessions don't include customizing your cart, but we can guide you to the areas that may help you out with your customization. 

Other Services That We Provide

We provide many services here at PinnacleCart. Here are other options that weren't discussed in great detail:

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