We're excited to now offer VIPparcel to our list of shippers!

For information about VIPparcel, please visit:

Introducing VIPparcel - PinnacleCart's Newest Shipping Partner

Why use VIPparcel?

How to enable VIPparcel

Follow the steps below to set up this exciting new Shipping Gateway;

  1. Click Settings > Shipping.

  2. Select Add New Method for the top right corner.

  3. Select the correct option for United States, Canada, or International from the drop-down menu.
    Click on the Real Time toggle.

    Select VIPparcel by clicking the Radio Button below the logo.

    Select the particular methods you would like to use.

    Click Add.

  4. Once added, select VIPparcel Settings above the methods you chose.

  5. Enter the necessary Auth Token, Test Mode (On or Off) and the applicable Special Services requested for the package.

  6. To Obtain the necessary Auth Token create an account at: https://vipparcel.com/

    Once created, select Developer from the Navigation Bar, then Auth Token.

  7. Fill in the necessary information:


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