If you ever run into the issue of taxes not calculating, this generally means a setting is off as opposed to there being a technical issue.

Applies to Version(s): 3.7.X - Current

Tax Rate.

The first thing you want to check is that tax and the tax classes are enabled. First, see How to Enable Taxes, if you haven't created a Tax Rate. If you've already enabled a Tax Rate, go to Settings > Taxes and you should see it listed. Click Edit so you can review the settings.

First, make sure your Tax Class is set. See Setting Up Taxes and Creating a Tax Class on how to create Tax Classes.

Note: You do not need to create a tax class. By default, the cart uses the 'General' tax class, and this is perfectly fine for you if you want to charge the same tax rate for all of your products.

Next, make sure your Country/State is properly assigned. The only two countries that have a state option are United States and Canada by default. You can edit countries to add states to them in the Countries section of the admin area.

Last, make sure that a tax rate percentage is assigned. No need to add a '%' symbol here.

For VAT Taxes, click Advanced Details to display prices with taxes.

Advanced Settings.

You will also want to check the Advanced Settings. Certain combinations of these settings can cause issues with tax calculations.

Apply Tax To Orders By:

Order Shipping Address, or Billing Address if there is no shipping - This will ensure tax isn't be charged until the customer selects their Shipping Address.

Billing Address - This will ensure the tax rate isn't applied until the customer enters their Billing Address.

Default Tax Country / State - Having this set will make it so that your tax rate is set to the Country/State selected in the fields below. If that happens to be the Country and/or state you're charging tax for, then tax will apply at checkout until the customer selects a different country/state. This setting can cause issues, because you may see people in other states complaining about a tax charge. However, if they select their state, the tax charge will go away. If you find yourself getting numerous complaints, we recommend going with one of the other two settings.

Making Sure Products Have Tax Enabled.

The most common reason for taxes not displaying is that the Tax Class hasn't been enabled on products.

To do this, go to Products > select a product > Advanced Settings > under Select Tax Class, make sure your Tax Class is set (typically General) > click Save.

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