PinnacleCart 3.8.7 R2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • PINNACLE-5472 - usps dev mode logging not working
  • PINNACLE-5513 - "Bulk Delete" allows deletion of product with enabled recurring billing
  • PINNACLE-5572 - Uploadify plugin stil not being used in the cart desinger
  • PINNACLE-5596 - pci scan failing due to jquery version
  • PINNACLE-5599 - "Allow Price Modification Affect Recurring Price" setting needs to be re-worded
  • PINNACLE-5600 - remove 'cart add-ons' from admin.php?p=billing&mode=cart-information
  • PINNACLE-5639 - Google Error in Category Page Search - appears to be due to Item # Sort Drop Down
  • PINNACLE-5648 - UPS rates not coming thru after updating to 3.8.7
  • PINNACLE-5650 - language file using old terms and conditions link
  • PINNACLE-5659 - Avalara AvaTax signup link needs to be updated
  • PINNACLE-5669 - Fatal Error occures on Admin Order page when products that have order history gets deleted
  • PINNACLE-5672 - Design Mode Issue
  • PINNACLE-5674 - Bulk delete customers with current search results not working
  • PINNACLE-5692 - Admin Area - Cart Designer UI bug
  • PINNACLE-5712 - Fatal error upon changing product quantity and price on Admin Order page
  • PINNACLE-5714 - Admin Area - Customer invoice cannot be viewed by the admin
  • PINNACLE-5716 - Viewing product from Recurring Item Information displays "cannot find product by provided ID"
  • PINNACLE-5717 - Add customer fields issues
  • PINNACLE-5718 - No close button on viewing theme in Card Designer
  • PINNACLE-5733 - Admin Area - Recurring Profile cannot be suspended or canceled
  • PINNACLE-5737 - Admin Area - Editing Customer page margin issue
  • PINNACLE-5740 - Admin Area - Canceling Recurring Profile will delete the profile itself
  • PINNACLE-5744 - Admin Area - Fatal error on viewing Orders and Recurring Profiles after restoring backup
  • PINNACLE-5746 - Admin Area - Apps: Recurring and Filtered Menu App should be placed under "Free" on Filter by Price
  • PINNACLE-5747 - Admin Area - Fatal error on viewing customers invoice with multiple shipping addresses
  • PINNACLE-5748 - Admin Area - Print Package Slip of an Order with multiple addresses has no Product or shipping details
  • PINNACLE-5752 - Admin Area - Issue with editing newly added Attributes
  • PINNACLE-5753 - Admin Area - Minimum order subtotal from Wholesaler discount still enabled even after disabling Wholesaler Discounts
  • PINNACLE-5754 - Storefront - Price Range filter is not working on 3.8.7-R2
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