How to create cart2

Instructions on how to create cart2

  • Go to Cpanel
  •  Create a cart2 folder in public_html
  • Copy everything in public_html into cart2 folder
  • Go to MySQL Databases
  • Create database for cart2
  • Create a user for cart2 database
  • Assign the user to cart2 database
  • Go to phpMyAdmin
  • Go to original database -> Operations -> Copy database to cart2 database
  • Edit the engine_config.php in cart2 with the correct database name, username, and password
  • Go to cart2 settings table -> go to GlobalHttpUrl, GlobalHttpsUrl and GlobalServerPath. Edit the url for cart2
  • Test the cart2 website and cart2 admin
  • Be sure to add the code below to the cart2 copy of robots.txt.
  • User-agent: *
    Disallow: /
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