Database Error On Category Pages

There is a known bug in 3.8.3 R1 when you have "Show nested categories products on a parent category page?" disabled. If you click into a category, you will get the following error:

Can not execute database query.
Error code: 42S22
Error info: SQLSTATE42S22: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '' in 'on clause'
FROM products AS p
INNER JOIN products_categories AS oc ON = AND pc.cid=3
INNER JOIN catalog AS c ON p.cid=c.cid AND c.is_visible="Yes"
WHERE p.is_visible="Yes" AND p.product_id <> "gift_certificate" AND
– No stock control, pull the data
p.inventory_control = "No"
– Has any stock at all
p.stock > 0
– Has Display Out Of Stock rule
p.inventory_rule = "OutOfStock"
(p.inventory_control = "AttrRuleInc" AND p.stock >= 0)

The patch for this bug can be found here. Upload this file to content/classes using your File Manager or FTP.

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