How to Add Google AdWords to Google Tag Manager

This article will show you how to take your Google Adwords account and add it into Google Tag Manager. This articles assumes you already have an account with Google Adwords. If you do not, here's an article that explains how to get started there. Also, you will need to initially setup Google Tag Manager, which you can find a walkthrough for at How to Setup Google Tag Manager. Once setup, you can then proceed to How to Get Google Tag Manager working with PinnacleCart, which will show the important step of hooking GTM and PinnacleCart together.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

Complexity Level: Advanced

Estimated Time for Completion: 20 minutes

How to Add the Google Adwords to GTM.

Click Tags on the left. Click New.

Under Choose Product, select Google Adwords.

Select Adwords Conversion and click Continue.

  • Enter your Conversion ID provided by Adwords.
  • Enter your Conversion Label provided by Adwords.
  • For Conversion Value, click the + to the right of the field and select {{store-completed-ordervalue}}.
  • For Order ID, click the + to the right of the field and select {{store-completed-ordernum}}.
  • For Currency Code, select the code of your country, which is USD for the United States.

For Fire On, select Some Pages, then select Conversion in the menu that pops up and click Save.

Note: Not seeing Conversion as an option? Make sure you run through this step to create the trigger.

Click Create Tag.

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