PinnacleCart Legend of Icons

The cart administration for PinnacleCart uses the icons below throughout the online cart administration. These visual aids assist in providing a clean, intuitive interface for operating your online store. Take a minute to look over the list below, you will see a legend of icons and what they represent in PinnacleCart.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.4 - Current

Legend of Icons

The cart admin interface uses many images to represent an object or action. The table below shows the most common icons and what they represent.

Icon Description of Item or Action
search-icon.png Search
orders-icon.png Orders
customers-icon.png Customers
products-icon.png Products
intelligence-icon.png Intelligence
marketing-icon.png Marketing
content-icon.png Content
design-icon.png Design
apps-icon.png Apps
settings-icon.png Settings
view-storefront.png View Storefront
message-center.png Message Center
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